Friday, June 5, 2009

Residential Solar Electric Power is Easier Than Ever

Wouldn't you like to be able to say goodbye to electric bills and hello to renewable energies? Residential solar electric power is something that can be found in increasing numbers throughout the country as more and more people turn to solar power as one of the best and most reliable renewable energy sources available. The problem most novice environmental warriors find is that the cost of professionally installing solar electric power can far exceed their budget and take well over 10 years or more to see a return on their investment. Even with the newly enacted tax credits for solar panel installation, the return on investment can still be many years away.

However, if you are considering the installation of residential solar electric power, there are alternatives to high cost, professional installation. The most cost-effective way to take advantage of the power of the sun is to install your own system by building the solar panels on your own. Does this sound like a difficult undertaking? Not really since there are now many resources and guides available to show you how to install solar electric power by building your own solar panels. It can in fact be easy to build solar panels with the proper instructions. The parts aren't complicated either. Most of the supplies you would need to build solar panels and construct your own system are available at your local hardware store or you can purchase a solar panel kit, which will include all the parts you require for your own residential solar electric power system.

It is possible to construct several small solar panels to power small appliances or small tools in your workshop. Or for the very adventurous and determined alternative energy seeker, you could build solar panels to service a much larger electric load and ultimately install a residential solar electric power system for the entire home. Once you have acquired your guide, then you are ready to get started building your solar panels. The guide will show you all the components that you will need, most of which are not expensive at all. In fact, most of the parts and components can be purchased from electrical stores and hardware stores for about $200 if you are building a single unit system.

Installing your own residential solar electric power system will not only save you money by building the solar panels yourself, but you can feel proud that you are doing your part for the environment as well. You can start to declare your independence from fossil fuels and make a much-needed impact on the world and in your neighborhood by installing residential solar electric power. By investing in a good do-it-yourself alternative energy guide, it won't be long before you will be the proud owner of your own solar power system built with your own hands.

Autor: Don Alleva

Residential solar electric systems can cost thousands to be installed and in today's economy most of us don't have money to spare. Consider Homemade Solar Energy and learn to construct your own Residential Solar Electric Power System on your own. It will be savings you can bank on.

Added: June 5, 2009